Ann Arbor Shoot: 4/12/14


So like I said in my post earlier today, I was going to go and shoot street in downtown Ann Arbor; using both film and digital setups. That’s exactly what I went out and did this afternoon. I walked around for about 2 hours and shot, walking somewhere between 3 and 3 and a half miles, and then got to sit down and edit the shots for another hour and a half afterward in one of Ann Arbor’s nicer Starbucks.

I started out on Main Street shooting on the Yashica Electro 35 film camera. At first I wasnt sure if it was advancing film or not, because the little film advance number that tells you how many shots you have left never moved off of “36” in the little window. Worrying, but I know it was at least advancing the film, due to how the rewind was turning whenever I’d cock the film advance lever. Hopefully it was actually exposing the film when the shutter was firing, if not I’ll probably have to order another Electro off Ebay if I can’t figure out what’s wrong. It was the first time I’d ever really shot with a real rangefinder before, as I normally am just sort of emulating the experience to the best of my ability on my Pentax Q. It was really interesting, and it ultimately was fun to get to focus on the fly in the second or two before clicking the shutter. People also seemed pretty friendly about it, one guy giving me a thumbs up when I composed. Whether that was a result of the camera being all retro and analog looking or if it was just how people were feeling today, I don’t know. But I do know that it was fun to get to shoot film again, and I’m looking forward to getting my shots back in the next week or two. Fingers crossed they actually come out.


By the time I’d shot the full roll of film I’d made my way up to the diag, and come across a sort of concert-fest that was going on that day. I caught the tail end of the second-to-last act, and was there for a good portion of the last act in the lineup. It was fun getting to take pictures of the musicians and the crowd who were getting pretty into the music. A few of the people were really enjoying it and even got on stage to dance towards the end of the act. I stuck around after the show was over and took a couple shots of the crew.


I think I did an alright job of getting closer to people today, and I interacted with the subjects a little more than I did the last time I went out and shot. It’s sort of a slow process for me, but I think I’m getting better. I actually went and asked some of the concert crew if I could take their photo and it’s one of my favorites from this shoot. All in all, a fun time. I really tried to take advantage of the concert because of my ongoing “music” project, but I’m not sure if any of the shots I got today are good enough to go in that series.

( here’s a link to the full set on Flickr, for those who are interested )


That’s a common theme for me about how I feel concerning today’s shots. There are a lot of decent ones, and I was able to narrow it down to the “a-little-more-than-decent” ones, but I’m not sure there are any I’d consider some of my best work. It was a so-so day as far as the shots I got, but it was a lot of fun hanging out around the concert and it was a pretty nice day out so I just enjoyed being out and shooting in general. I guess it’s alright that I didn’t get any shots that strike me as “gold” right off the memory card, I’ll let them marinate for a bit and see if my opinion changes at all. Even if it doesn’t, just getting out and shooting is good practice for me, and the more I do it the better I’ll get at shooting and being comfortable about taking stranger’s photos.

That was today, until next time;