Getting a Job, Saving, and Finding Time to Shoot

I’ve never had a job before. Sure, I’ve made money by doing chores and yardwork around my house, but I’ve never worked for an establishment before and actually come in for shifts and had to deal with all the responsibilities that go with that. Well, this past weekend; I did.

I’d been thinking about getting a job for awhile now, and I can remember telling myself “I need to get a job” as far back as last summer. It never really happened until recently, when I applied for work at a nice movie theater/coffee bar that’s about a mile away from my house. The coffee bar has a nice atmosphere; with some retro cameras mounted on the walls, nice porcelan cups, and just a nice feel in general. I’ve taken my laptop there and worked many times with a steaming cup of green tea resting beside me while I typed away. The movie theater side of things, where I work, is a nice movie theater as well. It tends to show smaller, artsier films and not every major blockbuster that comes out. It still shows some more mainstream films, but they’re a little selective in what they do. It all adds up to a pretty classy place, and there are definitely worse places to be making minimum wage around here. I knew I’d like working there better than any other place around here, so I applied a few weeks ago and before long I’d gotten hired. My first day on the job was this last Friday, and over the weekend I spent about 12 hours working.

I work as an usher, so I tear ticket stubs, show people to their seats, clean out the theaters at the end of shows, clean around the lobby, and clean the men’s bathroom. It’s not a super-glamorous job, but it’s not bad either. I prefer it to working at a grocery store or something, and I have quite a bit of downtime inbetween shows. So unless it’s a really busy day it’s pretty laid back. I also get a few benefits such as being able to get myself and others into free movies, along with free drinks and popcorn to go with. It’s definitely not a bad gig, and I’m happy to work there.

That being said, now that I actually have a pretty consistant form of income, I can actually start to consider saving for and buying things that would have taken me whole years to save for before. The first of those things, which I think I’ll aim for first, is the FujiFilm X100. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Pentax Q, it’s small size, it’s interchangable lenses, and it’s surprisingly good image quality for such a small sensor; but I do think that the X100 will definitely offer up some solid benefits. The APS-C size sensor will be leaps and bounds better than the 1/2.3 inch sensor thats in the Q, and the hybrid viewfinder will be invaluable to a street shooter like me. I’m currently using an old Yashica coldshoe-mount viewfinder on my Q, but it doesnt show me focusing and it can be a bit innacurate in it’s composition. It’s not a deal breaker, but an X100 will be a definite step up. Since you can find those for about $400–500 on Ebay, they’re now far closer to my price range than before, and while I’d love to get the newer Fuji X100s; it’s just too expensive for me. The X100 may be slower, but I think the difference in image quality and capability from the Q is far more than the difference between it and the ‘S’. That’s what I’m planning on saving towards in the next month or two, and so hopefully before too long I can get my hands on one. I don’t want to fall victim to G.A.S. too much, so I want to keep shooting just as much on my Q leading up to when I’d get my Fuji. Not letting myself fall out of inspiration just because of what camera I was using is something I should really make sure to do. 

The last thing I’m here to talk about today is finding time to shoot. I’ve been a little more busy recently than I have been in the past few months. Classes are starting to wrap up, I’ve been working out more thanks to the nicer weather, and now I have a job as well. Put all those together and you get progressively less and less time to go out and shoot; and I’ve already noticed it over the past week or so. Over the past week, I didn’t get out and shoot that much. I felt like I wanted to, but I was either tired or busy much of the time and didn’t feel like shooting. It actually felt kind of awful at times, not to have been making art during the week, and so I set a time and a date for myself to go out and shoot street last Thursday. I did, and while I didn’t get any shots that were golden, or even all that good, it still felt refreshing and energizing to shoot again. It was sort of a rainy afternoon, but it held off on pouring long enough for me to walk around a bit and get some shots. I went to the nearby town of Birmingham; which I hadn’t shot in before and turned out pretty well. That was also the first time I’d tried going into shops to shoot both the people and environment inside, and I think that I’ll do that more in the future as I think I got some pretty decent shots. I know I need to get out again soon, and I’m determined to continue to shoot and be a creative person even with a more busy schedule. I need to hold myself to that, with no exceptions.

Wish me luck, until next time;