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Over the past few years, I’ve embarked on a few different ventures online. A gaming YouTube channel, an Android news site, a tech YouTube channel and most recently just a plain ol’ blog. None of them were professional, just me trying out something interesting on the internet and seeing how it went.

Well, I think I’m finally going to go for something a little more serious.

You see, over the past few months I’ve gotten more and more into photography. It started with just shooting a couple shots on my old Galaxy Nexus and processing them using the, new at the time, VSCO cam app. From there I got my iPhone and then really took off, taking and posting daily photographs. That process really helped me grow as a photographer, and now I see potential photos all around me as I go about my life. However, I think that I’ll be entering a new phase of photography soon, one where I want to try and begin to take my photography more seriously.

To do that, I think I’ve got to do a couple of things. First of all, I want to take just as many photos, more even, but only post the best ones. Up until now I’ve been alright with a “pretty good” level of quality in my shots, and that was a quality that was initially diffucult to come by, but as I’ve gotten better it’s easier and easier to get those kinds of shots and frankly, I’ve been stagnant for a couple weeks now. The illusion in my mind that this was an alright way to keep going was shattered a little more than a week ago by a good friend of mine, who convinced me to try and start picking only my best shots, not all of the ones that arent complete and utter crap. This sparked a chain reaction of thoughts which brings you to the blog post that you’re reading now, either on my overhauled Tumblr-Blog, or my new site. Another thing I wanted to do was start focusing less on getting one-off photos that are just good for getting a lot of likes on social media, and instead pick a project and focus on a given theme for a longer period of time. Somewhere in the range between 6 months and a year sounds about right, but I don’t want to lock a project into a set time-limit. I’ve picked music as my inital topic to try and express through photos (which I plan on explaining in more detail in another blog post), but we’ll have to see if that holds up to the test of time. I might think up a better idea in the next month or two before I’ve gotten a proper start on music and just scrap the first one altogether. The next thing I wanted to do, was start putting together a more professional website, one that could double as both my portfolio, and as my blog. If you’re reading this on the 22 Slides site, then you’re looking at that idea manifested right now. Basically, I think I might want to end up going into photography as a profession one day and since I think I might have what it takes, I want to start preparing myself for putting myself out there and getting clients to shoot. That and I might be entering a few art competitions through my school over the next 2 years, both of which are compelling reasons for me to want a website such as this. Well, that and if I’m honest, having a portfolio makes me feel more like a real photographer, which is something that I’m striving to be one day.

Those are the few initial intentions I have behind this site. It’s a big deal for me, and I think I’ll try and refine it as much as possible before pushing it out on all my social outlets sometime soon. There are a few issues that I’d still like to resolve, such as that I’m not sure how my whole “daily shooting” routine fits into this new, quality-focused, approach. I might just not post as often as I have been in the past few months initially, until I can start producing higher-quality photographs on a more consistant basis my Instagram feed might run a little drier. That’s something I’ll have to transition into, and I don’t think it will be easy for me. I’m used to posting 2 to 3 pictures a day, posting just 1 or even none some days will seem weird for me, but I guess getting to post more often will be a goal I can work towards. If I create more images that I can consider to be “great,” then I’ll get to post more.

That’s all for now really, I just wanted to express what my intentions are with this new venture in my photography and writing. I hope all of you are up for some new content coming soon, because I’m already brainstorming the blog posts.

As always, thank you so much for your support. To all of you who are followers of my Adventures of a Young Nerd blog, it was a really fun transition period for me, and I’m glad that some of you enjoyed my work during it. It’s time for me to move on to bigger and better things, and I hope you’ll join me on my new blog.

Thank you all,