Meta v1.1 - Launch


Whenever I make more than minor changes to a website of mine, be them aesthic or functional changes, I always like to do a “Meta” post to give an overview of the changes, what they do, and why I did them. 

Today is a special day as earlier this evening I officially “launched” MBS-P-B. I overhauled my social media pages, made some new brand graphics, and overall began to push this new initiative of mine to the public for the first time. Because of that, this is version 1.1 of MBS-P-B. The launch version.

  • New Layout - I overhauled the site’s design and layout to be a bit more modern and more consistent with what I was going for with the site’s overall aesthetic. There’s now a header, which will hopefully change on a page-by-page basis in the future, and the “about” page has been relocated and renamed to “Info.”
  • New Typographic Direction - The site’s main two fonts are now Proxima Nova (and it’s free clone, Montserrat) along with Roboto. I think these will provide a better layout and reading experience than before, and look better on a range of devices.
  • New Logo and Branding - Along with those new fonts, I overhauled the logo and branding of the site using the new Proxima Nova font. You can find that sprinkled around the site as well as on my various social media outlets.
  • Daily Shots Redirect - Daily Shots now redirects to my VSCO Grid. Before it was a page hosted by 22Slides that pulled in some of the shots from my Instagram, but like I said in my last post I think I’ll be moving away from Instagram. In order to do that and still keep Daily Shots a part of the site, I had to redirect it to my VSCO Grid, as there’s no way to just import images from a Grid. Should be a better solution in the end, and will make me think about using my Grid over my Instagram.
  • Tumblr Redirect - Before 1.1 I had both a Tumblr page for the blog and a blog page here on the main site. It was a bit redundant and now the tumblr page url redirects to the main site’s blog. Much more consistent and coherent. For those of you who are following me on Tumblr and are reading this through the Tumblr Dashboard, your experience should remain unchanged unless you frequented visiting my blog page. This should work better in the end, so bare with me.

Once again thanks to all of you who have shown support in the first month or so of this project. I’m still extremely excited to get going with all of these initiatives I’m taking on with MBS-P-B. This is only the tip of the iceberg.