Project Intro: Music

So, as I said last night in my post about the new site, one of the things I’m determined to do with this site is start focusing more on a theme or message, and less on likes and followers on various social media. The first step to doing that is picking a project, so I thought for a couple days on what interested me, what I’d like to say through it, and what I’d have to work hard at getting shots for. The idea that came to me was Music.

Music is something that I’m passionate about, I love music, following my favorite artists, discovering new albums or artists, talking with friends about our favorite songs, albums or artists, seeing it performed live, honestly just everything about it. I’m no music nerd, don’t get me wrong, my relationship with music is one that is purely casual, but I do think that I care enough about it where I’m going to be emotionally invested in working hard on trying to convey the theme of music through images.

I also have a few things I think I’d like to say about the state of music these days through images. Like how disconnected people are from their favorite artists and how we’ve lost something in the digital age. On the other hand though, I’d love to show how technology and digital has influenced music for the better, in addition to just having a crop of images that show how people get passionate and really “into” their music no matter what age it is now.

Now, It’s going to be diffucult for me to get shots that will fill my requirements for this project. I may have even set the expectations/requirements for a good shot unreasonably high, but you know what? I think that’s probably the whole point of these types of projects in the first place. Having to really work at an idea and develop the project out in a series of cohesive images that work together as a whole is what I’m aiming for in this project. So even though I don’t know when you’ll see the first image in my Music series up on the site, just know that as I’m going about the world that I’m actively thinking about it, and keeping my eyes peeled for that special decisive moment that will give me a shot like the ones I’m envisioning in my head.

Until then, I’ll see you guys around the blog. I’ll also be continuing some of my favorite shots to the mainpage of the site, but the main focus for me will be just to keep shooting and see what happens.

See you all around,