Spring Break: So Far


This past week has been spring break for me. I’m a sophomore in high school, and since I’m not visiting colleges yet or cherishing my last year with my childhood compatriots quite yet, I didn’t really have all that much to do this break. I live in Bloomfield Hills Michigan, which is one of the surronding suburbs of Detroit. Howerver, people here are quite well off and so I’d say the majority of my classmates traveled away to somewhere warm. At the beginning of break it was still quite chilly here, but over the past week it’s actually warmed up considerably. It’s been rather pleasant.

I actually havent been out shooting that much, rather, the first several days of break for me were devoted to watching the last season of How I Met Your Mother with my girlfriend. We finished on Wednesday, and were less than happy about how they ended what was such a perfect show up until the finale. Oh well, all good things come to an end and all that.

So far this break I’ve been to Frankenmuth, Ferndale, and just all around my hometown of Bloomfield. First I guess I’ll talk about Frankenmuth. I went up there with my girlfriend and some of her family to meet up with some friends from my high school who were having a mini-retreat there this week. I’d never been there before and so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it just sort of came across as a very tourist trap-y place and since no one in their right mind comes to Michigan for Spring break; not many people were there. It was an interesting afternoon but not really that good of a one for photography. I did get to drive up though and that felt good, as I don’t drive very often and I was rather pleased in how I did with a brand new vehicle to me and a new route. All in all, a pretty alright day.


Yesterday was the day I went to Ferndale and I ended up going almost by accident. My girlfriend had a violin lesson there and since I wanted to get to have more time with her, I tagged along. I didn’t realize I wanted to shoot street until I actually got there, but I was thankful that I’d brought my camera bag and all my kit in it so that I could go shooting. It was a gorgeous day out, about 70 degrees at that point, and I had a great time walking around and shooting. I got a couple shots I thought were decent, but nothing I’d call golden. I think something I really need to work on is getting closer to my subject, as right now the framing is just too far away and I’m not able to get as much expression out of a subject’s face. It’s a little scary for me, as I’m still getting used to taking pictures of people and then knowing about it. It’s much more comfortable for me to just take one from like 10–15 feet away and not have the person notice me, and I think I need to start taking more shots from the 5–10 foot range instead.


That’s something I can work on today, as I’m in Ann Arbor and an hour or two from now I’ll be downtown, shooting both film and digital. I guess I’ve written all I can about my shooting during break for now (I’m typing this from my iPhone) but I’ll be sure to update the blog later tonight with how today’s shoot goes.

Until then; cheers,