The Importance of Mini-Projects

The other day, I did a little mini-project for the new VSCO presets that came out. It was an interesting little process where I came up with the idea, brought it to fruition, and then finished it off all within a couple hours. It wasn’t planned, it just sort of popped into my head and then I just… did it.

That, the process of coming up with an idea on the spot and then just doing it is incredibly fulfilling as an artist, and it happened to me once again this morning. I’d had an assignment to do a triptych (three images in one compiliation) for a week or two now and still had no idea what I was going to do. While walking into the 9th Grade campus of my high school this morning, I spotted a magnolia tree with pink buds that were just beginning to bloom. I thought it might make a good photo, but I had my hands full of backpack and tea, so I just kept walking into the building. Once having gotten indoors and finishing my invigorating beverage, I then sat down and was beginning to flick through my news feeds on my phone when the image of the tree came to my mind again. I considered it for a moment, and then got up from where I was seated, leaving my stuff behind, and headed out to the front of the building. After heading outside and beginning to line up my shot, I noticed that the sky was a brilliant shade of light blue, and instantly knew that it would look nice once processed with one of the many VSCO presets and film stocks that I use.


I actually ended up taking a shot, going back inside and editing it, before heading back outside to take even more shots. It wasn’t until I had once again gotten back inside and processed the shots in VSCO cam that I realized that if I had all three in the same orientation, they would make a good triptych! In the next few minutes I imported the shots into Photoshop on my Mac and had the shots all lined up and done a minute or two after that. It was a fun little excercise and instantly made my morning a good one.

Creative things always do that for me; they make me just feel happy and good, like I’ve gotten something done that was worthwhile that day, even if nothing drastic happened. It’s something I want to get to do every day, and I think part of that is always being ready when the inspiration strikes. Sometimes that means bringing your gear with you everywhere like your camera, tripod, computer and more. While other times it could be as simple as having your phone in your pocket with a few good apps installed. It’s something that each creative needs to find out for themselves and then plan around.

Since I had everything I needed with me this morning I was able to fulfill my inspiration, and that paid off in a big way personally. So basically find what you need, keep it with you always, and when you feel that little creative tug; run with it.