The Out-Of-Place Snowday


For those of you who don’t know, I live in Michigan. We had a particularly nasty winter this year, with well over a foot of snow constantly on the ground for over a month during February and March. Temperatures were no cake walk either, and the first time the temperature rose above freezing towards the end of March it felt like a heatwave. Recently though, we’ve been having some terrific weather. Last week, during my spring break, I got to spend time with my girlfriend out in the beautiful sun since the weather was over 70 degrees at some points. It really was a tantalizing taste of summer, and just as suddenly as it came, it has gone and left again.


Last night, I went to bed watching snow start to pepper the rooftops of my street and sighed a discouraged sigh of defeat. Goodbye warm weather again. This morning I was awoken at 5 in the morning by a call from our school system informing me that the school had lost power due to the weather conditions and that we would not be having school today. We are having a snow day in the middle of April. I don’t know about you, but Michigan is one of the only places in the world that I would expect to hear those words come out of a person’s mouth. After sleeping in for what was probably too long, I got up, fixed myself some breakfast, and then went out on a little mini shoot with my iPhone. I just wanted to go out and capture a little bit of not only the ridiculousness of the situation, but also some of the beauty of those lush spring greens peaking through the blank whiteness of the snow.


It was a quick little shoot, barely 15 minutes long, and I didn’t feel like taking my Pentax Q out with me to try and get some really nice shots. I just felt like getting out a little and taking a few pictures with my iPhone, just for fun, for me. I don’t always adopt that mindset, but it’s nice to just have a little creative playtime every now and then. I felt refreshed afterward, edited them in Lightroom using the VSCO presets, and then went on to write this little blog post that you’re now reading. It’s been an alright morning, and while I didn’t get anything massive done it was still refreshing to sleep in and take the morning slow before having a little fun out in the cold.

Never Stop Shooting.